Whom is Neofit for?

Neofit is for everyone. It supports you in e.g. getting fit, training, correcting your posture, rehabilitation, weight management - in everything you want to change.

Neofit is suitable for many objectives

Do you want to maintain your well-being with light exercise? Do you passionately frequent the gym in order to obtain visible results? Do you want to succeed in weight management and gain permanent results? Neofit helps you achieve your goals.

Real and tangible results motivate

The first scan and the resulting body analysis is your starting point. How things are looking now. When you scan yourself on a regular basis, e.g. once a month, you will get detailed information on your progress. Whether it is about gaining muscle mass, lowering fat percentage, changing energy needs, progress in rehabilitation etc. Really seeing the change brings new motivation to achieving your objectives.

Neofit opens up a new future for us

In the future, you will be able to use your Neofit 3D image for e.g. trying on new clothes on the Internet. This way, you will always order clothes that fit you, and you do not need to spend time returning your orders. This will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, as clothes are not returned by truck or airplane over long distances.