Where is Neofit?

The first Neofit 3D full-body scanning locations are now up and running and we are constantly looking for new partners. Our aim is to have Neofit scanning points available in all large Nordic cities soon.


Esport Bristol and Esport Arena in Espoo as well as OmaSp Stadion in Seinäjoki are the first Neofit partners in Finland to launch the Neofit 3D scanning service! Reserve approximately 15 minutes of time for the scanning process in total (although the scanning itself only takes 30 seconds!). Prior arrangements are unnecessary. The staff will guide you with the Neofit scanning process, the use of the 3D image and the utilisation of the analysis.

Become a Neofit partner?

The Neofit scanner is easy to set up and it is a truly powerful and novel service platform for your customers. The Neofit scanner works completely independently and does not require any guidance staff. Even the payment process can be outsourced to Neofit. When the customers arrive to be scanned, they will benefit from the complementary services that you can offer in line with their objectives, such as a personal trainer, physiotherapist and nutritionist services.

In the first stage, we are planning to build a Neofit community around exercise, well-being, rehabilitation and weight management. We are actively seeking new partners for this purpose, especially from fitness and health centre chains as well as entities offering rehabilitation.

In the future, we also want to be involved in improving global well-being. With the help of Neofit measurement data, you can order the right sized clothes from online clothing stores in the future. This significantly reduces the amount of returned clothes and the carbon footprint resulting from return transport. For this pilot project, we are looking for a large online fashion store to partner with.