What is Neofit?

Neofit is a new way of seeing your real self. It scans your body in 30 seconds, creates a 3D image of you and analyses the structure of your body. Neofit motivates you to achieve your goals.

”Your own body, its lines and the images of your body have a powerful and special impact on your brain and mind. Neofit’s body modelling method brings something completely new and inspiring into monitoring your own physical fitness and well-being.” Neuroscientist Ville Ojanen (PhD, psychology).

Safe scan in 30 seconds

During the scan, the person being modelled stands still on a slowly rotating platform doing a complete 360 degrees turn. The scan takes only 30 seconds, and no harmful rays are used , but instead infra-red light, widely used in standard remote controls and other household electronics. The best results will be obtained if the person being scanned wears either underwear or a swimsuit. The scanning takes place in a private area, away from other people.

Information gathered is for your personal use only

The 3D image and body analysis obtained from the scan are transferred to the Neofit web portal as secured files. You will receive a personal password to access your data and you can also choose to grant access to e.g. your personal trainer who can monitor your progress. No one else is able to access your image or body analysis. The analysis service is located on this website and you can access it here.

Precise 3D image

The Neofit 3D full body scanner creates a precise 3D image of your body. The 3D image can be rotated, zoomed in and out and cropped just as any other 3D image. You can also take a screenshot of the image on your device.

Watch a video from a 3D-scanned person

Comprehensive body analysis

A comprehensive body analysis is derived from the 3D image. This data enables you to monitor what happens to various measurements drawn from the 3D image as you work out and take subsequent scans. The analysis includes measurement data of 27 different areas of your body, such as the neck, chest, hip, bicep and thigh circumference measurements, and also information such as muscle mass, fat percentage, BMI value, basal metabolic energy need and metabolic age.

The data is always updated as you take more scans and the old data is saved for comparison purposes. This way, you will start to get a clear and motivating picture of the direction and pace of your development.