What is Neofit’s background?

Neofit’s story does not begin in a fitness centre or a breakthrough in the latest 3D technology. Our story begins in Finland’s southern archipelago, in Tammisaari, where a young boy is drawing his bow.

In that moment, when my own son was intensely focusing on aiming his bow, we realised that challenging ourselves, on a daily basis, is built in us. Children just do it smarter than the rest of us; they naturally seek out the point, where there is a good balance between challenge and realism. This natural thrill motivates them to have another try. Having it too easy or too hard doesn’t motivate, because it’s not fun! So they move about to find just the right spot. And this spot is essential, without it, you lose the fun.

In the world of adults, motives have often become superficial and are based on numeric accomplishments. How could we offer adults a natural way to feed their own motivation?

This question changed the direction of Neofit.

A group of four friends had built a 3D scanner that, at a world scale, was unique. It was built to find the perfect fitting shirts for consumers, but one shot of an arrow changed everything. The 3D scanner would not only enable consumers to find the perfect shirts, but it would also motivate people to achieve their goals and feel better.

A new and truly beneficial purpose for the 3D scanner was found: Our body’s well-being.

We no longer need to create an imaginary image of our body based on numbers, but instead we can genuinely see our body and the change that is taking place. It is a powerful and strongly motivating experience.